Acting classes are a great way to help build confidence when appearing in front of an audience. These classes are a safe haven, so to speak, where you learn to speak freely in front of your classmates without fear of how you’ll be perceived. You’ll also learn about articulation, timing, and vocal projection – aspects of public speaking can trip up a nervous presenter, but can soon become second nature with a little practice. The self-confidence you build in this class doesn’t just extend to public speaking. You’ll learn to be more comfortable at networking socials, job interviews, major presentations, and other professional events.

PS&P Private Lessons - In studio (30 minute session) - $30 per lesson

PS&P Small Group - In studio *Min of 3 students/Max of 6 students (One Hour session) - $60 per lesson

PS&P Small Group - On location *Min of 3 students/Max of 6 students (One Hour session) - $100 per lesson

PS&P Large Group - On location *Min of 6 students/No max ($125 per hour)

Recommended time: One hour per 6 students