CALLBACK PREP Congrats! You got a callback! Now, you need help learning the sides. Let FYL provide a personalized, easy to use learning system, to nail that callback. Email us your music and FYL will provide you with the following:

A learning track, teaching the melody and pointing out difficult areas within the song. 

A rehearsal track for practicing and perfecting your sides. (For rehearsal purposes only)

Callback Prep (72 hour turnaround)
Callback Prep (24 hour RUSH)

ACCOMPANIST LOOK OVER  Set yourself up for success in your auditions.  We'll make sure your music is marked correctly and -- most importantly -- sight readable. Just scan us a copy of your cut. We'll send back an annotated copy and give you feedback about what to expect if you bring it to an audition. 

One song OR (3) 16 bar cuts