skype/facetime SESSION - PRICES

30 Minute Session - $25

60 minute session - $55

How do I get started?
Once you are ready to sign up, please fill out the form on the bottom of this page - we will then work with you to personalize your lesson schedule! 

What should I expect in my lesson?
The topics explored in lessons depend on what your current abilities are, relative to what your goals are. Voice lessons generally include vocal development, artist development (defining who you are as an artist), along with learning how to sing with a cold/allergy, proper warm-ups, performance anxieties and so on. Acting lessons focus on character development, defining beats, memorization techniques, and much more. Accent reduction training takes you through vocal workouts to (re)train your voice, using excerpts and monologues to strengthen your new 'all American' accent. 

How to setup Skype?
Make sure you've downloaded the latest version of Skype. It is a free download and works with both Windows and Mac. Prior to our Skype video chat, we need to add each other to each other’s “Contact List’ using our Skype names. Once you’ve downloaded Skype, go to 'Contacts' at the top of your screen, then go to 'Add a Contact', then put in either Alison N Burns or Lulu Picart (depending on whom you are studying with that day). Then you'll be directed to send us a message which says "Please add me as a contact."

*If you have an iPhone, we can do a FaceTime lesson using our cell phone numbers and a wifi connection as well.

Prior to our lesson time, make sure you quit all unnecessary applications on your computer. If you don’t have a built-in microphone on your computer, you’ll need to use a USB microphone. Otherwise, the built-in microphone will work just fine. Set your Sound Input in your System Preferences to ‘built-in microphone’ or ‘USB microphone’.
At our lesson time, we will ‘invite’ you. Have your cell phone available in case we need it. Again, make sure to quit unnecessary applications on your computer,  and have your Skype application open with your volume up.

What happens if there are connection problems during my Skype lesson?
On the rare occasion that there is a power outage or extreme connection issues, FYL will simply reschedule a makeup session for any significant time missed during a lesson without an additional charge.

What do I need at my lesson?
We recommend a quiet room where you can focus, some students like to keep a glass of water with them as well. 
Some lessons will use links to vocal warmups, previously sent by FYL, you will need this on your computer, phone, or CD player in order to play it from your side of the Skype session. This ensures 'no delay' with the music.  

What if I need to reschedule?                                                                                                                                                                                              No problem, we are very flexible! That's one of the major perks about Skype lessons, however, we do require AT LEAST one hours notice to reschedule or cancel your lesson. 

More Questions? Go to our contact page and send us an email!